Arallu were a type of jinn in Assryo-Babylonian demonology born from the bile of Ea (Enki) and the stagnant water under the Kur. They were described as "the storm, which breaks loose with fury in the skies" or "the rising wind, which casts darkness over the bright day" and were depicted as having a human male body, the head and paws of a lion, large wings, and small goat horns upon their head. Arallu were extremely powerful and immortal beings and had the power to cause disease, corrupt the unity of a family, inspire criminal acts, and kill livestock. When they possessed a person a very powerful exorcist was required to exorcise and cast them out. Arallu hated mankind and there was no way to appease them.

They were the adversaries of the gods, especially the moon god, Sin (Nanna). According to mythology, an eclipse was caused when they attacked him. They tied him up in a sack, causing him to have to fight his way out. Fortunately, there was a finite number of arallu, as they were all male and could not reproduce.

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