Aynah is the Queen of the Jinn.


Write the following on the palm of your right hand using a mixture of musk and saffron: „By Alshaqash Da'ooj“. Place your palm over the incense. Turn your face towards the east and recite the following incantation until your hand turns over and closes by itself: „Ba'alshatal (x2), Batad (x2), Bakahooshal (x2), Bata'a'amash (x2), Bataqhrayoosh (x2), Basabtaqoosh (x2), Baykashalish (x2), Hashool (x2), Heshool (x2). I conjure you, O Queen Aynah, by the right of the name that, having descended upon the solid stone, caused it to crumble: upon the earth, leveled it; upon the mountain, caused it to be imbedded; upon the night, darkened it; and upon the day, made it grow bright; and by Alshaqash (x2), Allah's verses, Akhfakh (x2), Haqhalash (x2), Allah's verses, Da'ooj (x2). Answer me, O Queen Aynah, make haste, hear my conjuration, hurry, smell my incense, and appear to me. Bless you“.

For incense, you take six dirhams of liquid storax, six dirhams of sandarac, and six dirhams of frankincense, mix them together until a paste is formed, fashion pellets out of this paste, and then loss them into the fire, one after the other.

After she replies, and you copulate with her, send her away by reciting the following Dismissal seven times: „Destroying everything by the command of its Lord, so they became such that naught could be seen except their dwellings“.