Stamps of Azerbaijan, 2010-896

A div, dev, daeva or deva is an evil spirit: a jinnee of war. These beings serve the underworld spirit, Angra Mainyu, and are listed as Aeshma, Akam Manah, Indra, Naonhaithya and Saura.

The div live in the mountains of Kaf with the peries. This mountain range composed of green chrysolite reflects a greenish tint to the sky. Kaf was believed to surround the circular and flat earth like a gigantic fence some 2,000 miles high, outside of which flows the ocean.

The malignant div and the peries wage constant war against one another. When peries are taken prisoner they are locked up in an iron cage hung from the top of the tallest trees. Not only are the peries in pain from constantly touching the iron bars of the cage but also they are exposed to the persistent chilling wind. The div deny the peries the only food they can consume, the fragrance of perfume, as the div find it to be a natural repellent.

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