Ghawwas is a water jinn from the Islamic beliefs of Saudi Arabia. The jinns were evil spirits that brought torment to people.

The Water jinn would rise from the foul depths of the ocean to come onto to land to wreck water supplies causing droughts to people. The Ghawwas' monstrous appearance was said to be a cross between a human, a gigantic fish and a shark. It was covered with tiny scales and had fins protruding from its limbs.

To avert trouble from a jinn it was advised to pray 10 times to durrod shareef and then recite the Surat Nas 3 times followed by the Surat Falwaq 3 times and then the Surat Ikhlas 3 times. Finally one should blow in the palm of your hands with your hands cusp together like you are holding water. Then wipe your blessed hands all over your body which blesses your body and directly protects you from the Ghawwa.

The name Ghawwas is also used to refer to a type of stone formation of the seabed of the Red Sea in the old language of Saudi Arabia.