• Hi, i am so amazed by the amount of knowledge you have in this matter. Where did you learn this knowledge 

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    • Thank you. I research rare books and manuscripts within religion and folklore that talk about the jinn, usually Islamic as I try to maintain it that way. This information is unfortunately not well known among the westerners. It saddens me that they view the jinn only as the cartoon "genie" wish granters instead of who they truly are. The closed things they have relating to this subject are "demons" which only gives a dark view of the jinn and never anything positive. But it is true one should never trust a jinni, but not all jinn are evil.

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    • Slamun Aleykum bende bu ilim ilgileniyorum elimde birçok yazma eser var daha profesyonel olmak istiyorum tavsiyeniz nedir.

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    • mail adresim yardımcı olursan sevinirim

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